More neural datasets from CRCNS

Neural data sharing frame work

xcorr: comp neuro

From its humble beginnings about 5 years ago, the CRCNS data sharing website has grown into a very useful resource for modelers looking to test out their theories and algorithms on neural datasets.

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Vision-wise, the dataset includes:

  • eye tracking data
  • fMRI with natural images
  • mouse LGN
  • cat, primate primary visual cortex with natural images, gratings
  • primate V2 with natural images
  • primate MT with HyperFlow™ – courtesy of Dave and Farhan from my lab

There are many recordings from auditory cortex as well, from songbird, rat and insect, as well as hippocampal recordings from the Buzsáki lab. All in all, an excellent resource which I highly suggest you have a look at.









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